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The Culture of Chivalry-Now

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The Culture of Chivalry-Now Empty The Culture of Chivalry-Now

Post by Dean Jacques on Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:44 am

The purpose of Chivalry-Now is to reintroduce to western culture and society its own historically sound values in the form of a code of ethics. The 12 Trusts.

Along with this code, we reintroduce what we call the Deeper Concepts (previously called Esoterica, or Hidden teachings). These meaningful terms from the past unveil the unique depth of profundity of western beliefs that became generally lost over millennia. They explain aspects of truth of which most people are unaware. They define the highest virtue, the inner aim of human evolution, Kairos, the anticipated epoch of history which we find ourselves in already, and more.

As a cultural movement, Chivalry-Now adopts a culture of it own that reflects its ideals. In this way, we hope to provide an environment in which the idelas can flourish.

Civility is a strong component, in that it makes relationships, positive discussion and a congenial means for personal growth possible. Courtesy is the glue that holds everything together.

Chivalry-Now seeks to transcend the combative tension of liberal/conservative ideologies that divide and therefore hold back our culture. The ancient Greeks fell despite their many achievements because they fought among themselves. We see this happening today as ambitious people in politics vie for power. By freeing ourselves of the liberal/conservative mindset, we liberate our minds to better see truth and think for ourselves. After all, thinking for ourselves is really what freedom is all about. We lose freedom when we let other people tell us what to believe.

It is also important to understand that there is more than two sets of competing values, often defined defined by their extremes. Truth holds no respect for party lines. If we wish to use truth as our moral compass, and heal the many wounds at the same time, we must free ourselves first, and approach the challenges of life with an open mind.

Chivalry-Now wants to be inclusive of people from all backgrounds, races and creeds - which reflects the highest ideals of western culture. We do this by uniting people under the aegis of conscience, thus avoiding the tension that sometimes arises between people of different faiths and/or secular beliefs. While this is not always possible, our goal remains that of uniting people in a community of shared values.

If you have not already joined us, we hope you do. Please accept this as an invitation.
Dean Jacques
Dean Jacques
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