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The Value of Reason

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The Value of Reason Empty The Value of Reason

Post by Dean Jacques on Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:05 am


Since the early philosophical strivings of ancient Greece, the importance of the reasoning mind has remained the central impetus of Western culture. While tradition retains a viable influence, when push comes to shove, it usually takes second place to our dependence upon rational decisions. This accounts for the meteoric advance of science and technology in the West.
   Likewise, reason holds an elevated position in Chivalry-Now. It is a strong component of Areté (the combination of reason and virtue) and Nature's Law (the application of reason to conscience). It is implicit in Aletheia as providing a viable approach to objective truth. Reason offers our strongest hope for environmental survival, as recognized by Ordo Mundi.
  Reason not only explains the many accomplishments of ancient Greece, it explains the explosion of progressive thought centuries later during the Age of Reason and its extension, the Age of Enlightenment. Without this continued focus on rational thought, Western culture would be totally different from what it is today. While some might think that the alternative might be better, they have not seriously considered the consequences of a culture based on ignorance.
  Chivalry-Now encourages people to search for truth and think for themselves. The use of reason, which separates us from other species, is paramount to these goals. It forms the basis for growth and responsible decision-making.
Dean Jacques
Dean Jacques
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